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  The pressure filtration process is divided into filtration and pressure filtration. The clean coal technology is mostly concentrated on the diaphragm press diaphragm filter press. The dewatering device such as the breading and unloading speed, the discharge speed seems to be even larger than the downstream capacity; The filtration efficiency and capacity of the membrane filter press are at the decisive point in the filtration stage, especially for difficult-to-filter materials such as clay slurries, high-content sludge, which often exceeds 60% of the total cycle, thus increasing the productivity of the filter press. The key is how to optimize the material.
  In the coal preparation plant, the filter press is the last of the slime water treatment equipment, and all the slime recovery must be ensured. The flotation machine and the slime membrane squeeze filter press have a diaphragm and strong pressure.
  Due to the low moisture content of the filter cake, the filter press can realize automatic intermittent operation. The diaphragm filter press has been widely used in the fields of mining, light industry and chemical industry. The single-pump feed most pressure filter adopts single-pump feeding, that is, presses the filter to enter the required material pump, and the flow rate and lift adopts high-flow high-lift pump. The advantage is simple structure, convenient construction and low investment.
  At the same time, the material of the single pump also has disadvantages。 At the beginning of filling, it will produce great resistance to medium。 As the material, the electric resistance is larger, and the corresponding pump filling pressure is larger, resulting in the formation of filter cake layer on the surface of the filter cloth。 Increase the turbidity of the filtered water of the filter。

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